Monday , July 4 2022

You can use Google Maps to report the latest features and report accidents


BANGKAPOS.COM – Google has been known to develop a new feature for its Google Maps.

This feature is the report of an accident on the highway similar to Waze.

Many users who accidentally discovered this feature in the Google Maps talk about it.

Through this feature, users can report the availability of the available menu from the below risk.

In addition to the potential risk, some users report other specifications and speed traps.

Speed ​​traps are commonly used to monitor the speed of the vehicle.

If you exceed the limit, the police will intervene to take tickets. Google's feature report on Google (11/07/2018) was compiled by Compass Techno on Wednesday. There are still some doubts in the examination of the two features of this report.

Google has not officially announced these two features to the public.

Compass Techno and Google Maps have not found two features in the Interstate Region.

It is not clear when Google releases globally.

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