Thursday , September 29 2022

Unknown, the Irish sharks hide the broken coral nets

[ad_1] – One of the biggest sharks in the Irish sea was discovered by "Sracht Nest" scientists. This nest is unusual because the young children break coral reefs to hide their eggs.

This rare discovery was achieved after researchers conducted a long distance operation to explore the cold water in Ireland. They walk in 750 meters deep.

In these observations, scientists have found a nest residing in a blackout windshield. Black mouth cat sharks are one of the smaller sharks seen in the northeastern Atlantic region.

This item is not alone. Usually there are lonely sharks, rarely seen, sailfin roughsharks.

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In keeping with this, there was no baby swimming in the area. Nevertheless, the researchers wanted to record all the programs that took place there.

The goal is to see the shawl hatch eggs.

Zero Rover Chief Specialist David O'Sullivan said: "There is no shark parcel found in the area and we use corrugated barks and open carbonated rocks to beat the eggs. The FIGMonday (11/11/2018).

Young ones can be sheltered while the surrounding healthy coral reefs are surrounded.

More research on the topic of "nest" will answer many important questions about the ecological condition of the deep sea shores in the Irish Sea.

This rare discovery was announced at Infomer Zeip mapping seminar in the Consulate of Ireland.

"We are excited to announce this event in this program and we are excited to emphasize the importance of the map of our seaside in understanding and managing the maritime resources," Osoluan said.

"Our data and team have contributed significantly to the use of the ocean's property," he continued.

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