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The first media frequency permit has been canceled


JAKARTA, Communications and Information Commission (Cominfo) will be permitted to cancel three licenses issued from 2016 to 2.3 GHz Radio Frequische Band (IPFR) from 2016. They are PT First Media TB, KTVVV, PT Intranet, pt Justin Telecomindo.

The Director of Post and Information and Communication Technologies Director of Resources Operations, Director General of Resources and Resources, Das Handoco, said: "The license was canceled on Saturday night when three companies canceled their payments on Saturday.

"We had a threefold warning letter we had sent, the last one on November 9 and Saturday afternoon (11/17) 23:59 and we did not receive the payment," he said., Sunday (11/18/2018).

The applicants, who permit a deductions for two years depending on the date suggested in Article 21 (1) of Article 21 (1) relating to Operational Conditions for Using Radio Frequency Spectrum, should be revoked for their approval.

First read: Fill in the first media claim to Cominfo

These three companies are part of six companies that have made 2.3 GHz spectrum in 2009. Every year a company charges a free-of-charge use fee that was paid in November, each year.

The first media is owned by 2.3 GHz Frequency Zone 1, North Sumatra Zone, Zone 4 and Benton in Greater Jakarta. Inject Jasita, Zone 12 and North Sulawesi, which include JabeDetBeck and Banten in Zone 4.

The first media from 2016 to 2017 is not provided by the media, $ 364.84 billion, Intel's value of 343.57 billion and 2.19 billion.

"Saturday is Saturday and Monday (11/19/2018) we will cancel the permit on Monday," Davy said.

The league-aided division SDPP Cominpho Fuson Priyadani said that three companies have expired in 2016-2018 against three companies.

The 2018 bill is set for Saturday. The dues should be withdrawn for three years now. However, the first media has a budget of 490 billion IDR and IDR 438 billion.

Delayed payments and threats to cancel permit were reported, President of the First Media Haryana Noerlan, calls do not respond to small messages.

The first Media Attorney, equivalent to money, retired from the Nien Rafles Siregar Siregar, the Setuian Manalu Partnership Law Office did not respond.

"Sorry, if there's a clear statement from the first story, yes," he returned a short message.

For information only, the first media and interns are affiliate companies. 2014 pt Mitra Mandir, which owns 69.04 per cent stake in the company, The PT interface is a bolt modem manufacturer.

Secondly, ownership structure from ownership in Quandar II / 2018 from Media Financial Report to Mitra Mandiri's 75.96% of Index shares. Mitra Mandir is the first medium with 99.9%.

Do not interfere with the service

The First Media notification was issued on Friday (11/16/2018) to ensure that no 2.3 GHz frequency case will be dealt with in consumer service.

In addition to using 2.3 GHz frequency, First Media services also depends on fiber optic cables. This service provider is PT to another media subdivision. Link is managed by TBT (LINK).

In addition, the first media and anecdotes filed a lawsuit in the State Administrative Court. His purpose is to revoke the comic letters of the 2.3 GHz frequency license.

"Thus, the first media cable to the TUN law has no impact on the fixed & broadband cable broadband service of Cable TV," First Media wrote. (Angar septid)

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