Friday , March 24 2023

The Davosio 2018 Moto GPA, another Razor Slow in Volgia


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Andrea Daviszzy Looks like the key to winning Valencia Moto GP 2018 At high speeds, they are rivals who are not motorized.

Rakistan did not feel afraid of the race that was stopped because of the rain. Duosios is trying to maintain the speed of Motorbike to keep the ranks ranging from Top Riders in the Valencia MotoGP racing in 2018.

From the first start to the second, Davisovis retained the dermatomic rhythm until the finish line was lifted.

It is not fast riders to be trained during training, and they do not get faster training during training, "says Daviesios.

"Electronic devices, tires we use, the power we use, make other riders faster, and you have a second distance if you check the winter test session," he explained.

The riders will not run MotorBike at high speeds when they participate in the 2017 MotoGP Radio.Riderers do not drive MotorBike at a faster speed when participating in the 2018 Moto GP range. (Ruiter / Hyon Calis)

The riders' attitude is affecting the results of the 2018 Standings Race, which is the second runner up of MotoGP riders in 2017. Daviesi was approaching the training program until the final results had a major influence on the race.

The driver is of great importance to training and riding, and if everyone starts training with wet tires, let them all look fast, but not the race, "Davisios said.

"There are many ways to work on weekends, and if you can compete in your pad, it's easy to succeed," he said, adding that if you do not practice fast, you do not mean you will not participate in the meeting, "he added.

We do not have the best riders like Marc Marquess, Valentine's Rossi, Maverick Vinaynes and so on, Volvo's 2018 motorcycle race will be able to pass. (nva)

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