Wednesday , September 28 2022

Realme Suspension 3 Helicopter or P60 chipset appears in Geekbench


Although the name of the smartphone is unknown, it is also expected that the Galaxy Real Li3oP60 chipset will be launched in real-time 3. – Last month they declared they were ready The Heli P70 chipset-power smartphoneIt is the first smartphone to carry a chipset.

The unnamed smartphone now appears on the GeekBench Benchmark site. Instead Helio P70, The device with the RMX1833 model moves the Helios P60 chipset.

RealM 1. The name of the upcoming cell phone is unknown, but it is also revealing that it will be Real 3.

We expect a number of disruptions to reveal more details about the later features of the Realm Smartphone.

Geekbench assumes Realms using helium chipset P60 3 "width =" 678 "height =" 540

In addition, the smartphone will be powered by 4GB RAM and Android 8.1 OS operating system.

In the case of performance, this tool was conducted with a 1,560, 5,926 score, single core, multi-core test.

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