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Osteogenic is once again blunters, and coach Aurora still gives the tolerance


Bola.Com, Malang – Overseas goalkeeper Aarema F.C.The main goal of the 64th World Cup football tournament was to score a golden goal before Malang in the Golwanna Stadium. In this battle, the nickname "Sinko Edan" became a success.

However, the mistaking of the osteogenesis was a mistake. He missed the ball in the 56th minute. Perkamam met the midfielder midfielder Hendra Yusuf in the footsteps of the ball. The possibility of getting the ball into the ostogic. But the attempt was unsuccessful.

Arma Coach, Milan Petrovic and even Goalkeeper Bolders suffer. In his opinion, the Ostiogic was a mistake only.

"There were many players who returned to the team after a long break in the game and they still know if they try to find the best game," said the Slovenian coach.

Milan claims that he does not try to save ostogic. In the first place in the league, goalkeeper has parked 11 goals in the last three months. What is the osteogenic status in the future?

Umma now believes as the main goalkeeper in the league. The risk of osteogenesis is risky against Barito Petra on Saturday (11/24/2018). Also, the 35-year-old goalkeeper is the best performer.

In fact, Ostogic said he was likely to be the first to win. However, he understands the competition in the goal field Aarema F.C. Less is now available. Moreover, the heat is in good condition. Ottawa can only contribute to other events like the Indonesian Cup.

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