Tuesday , March 21 2023

Nicka Mirzaani Luna Maya and Renault are not married


Nithita Mirzaani thanked Luna Maya and Renault Non married - JPNCOM

jpnn.comLuka Maya and Reno Barak's relationship do not end in marriage as Jakara – Nikita Mirzaani.

Ninaitha told Reena that he had a close relationship with Siyahiri.

If you are in love with Renault for five years then you are lunatic from Lungo.

There is no connection between Luna and Renee, sleeping, Sekong hetong (heartbeat-red) is sure, for five years, "Nikita said.

The mother of two children defended the news that Renault and Saihari would marry later this year.

"Everything is full of wonders and mystery, by the end of the year there will be a terrifying story that will surprise you," Nikita said.(Chi / jpnn)

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