Friday , September 30 2022

Marie Gomez asks Perlby players to face the last 4 games


Bangku – along with Percyb Bandung Buku Lapak and Ghajak Liga 1 has been asked to face the rest of the four games. The list comprises 49 points in four points – Percyja, Jacques and PCM Makaraar.

Perzig gets the match between Percy and Pergia, with four games remaining. SupriDi Nazir and his friends must win in four matches.

However, Percy Coach Roberto and Mario Carlos Gomez asked all of his players not to burden the tournament. Argentine coach hopes his army will keep calm.

The 61-year-old coach began training in Bandung. All players should be rested for the tour of England.

We only need to win the remaining four matches, "Gomez added.

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