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LPS form the LPS process for BPR cyanam


Deposit Insurance Corporation (APS) is preparing the liquidation process of PT BPR Sinarayan Parmi Jyutash by utilizing all rights and authorities of equity holders including rights and privileges of Jakarta.

In the statement of the judge, LPS secretary Samasu Adi Nugro said that the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioners deactivate the bank's legitimate production, form a liquidation team, fix the bank's position as "liquidation bank".

In the context of closing the BPR Customer Deposit Guarantee Claims, LPS deposits will be verified and verified to determine which deposits not pay the deposit data and other information.

"This referralization and verification is completed by IDC within 90 days from the date of license renewal," Adi said.

The Liquidation Team, LPP for Liquidation Team, will look for the liquidation team. PPS BPR Pvt. Pirma Jiyyatish's Lidation Monitoring LPS shall be conducted.

BPR customers continued to be calm and dissatisfied with the task of implementing PPP BPR Sinarayan Parmay's Guarantors and Liquidations.

"PT BPR Sinarayan Parmay will help implement Gatana and Liquidation processes," Adi said.

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) Mt. A5, Betaci Regency, West Java, November 8, 2018, based on the decision taken by the CEIP-186 / D.03 / 2018 on business license withdrawal after the PPP BPR BPR Sinarayan Parmay Jathi Sai's business permit was withdrawn. To begin with.

By making a decision to cancel the business license, a Liquidation procedure is carried out by the LPS Laptop Operations and the Deposit Insurance Corporation, amended as amended by Law No. 7 of 2009,
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