Friday , September 30 2022

Kit Nagagea Slave Family Care


Jakarta – Become a wife from a public opinion Anchor Rafi Ahmed and actress Nagita Slavena are already aware of the proportions and consequences for maintaining their family's friendship with her husband.

Nagita admitted that the presence of the third place in relation to Rafi Ahmad has proved very sensible. Born on July 17, 1988 in Jakarta, this woman is her only son, Rafatur Malik Ahmed.

However, Nagaita believes that her husband will be loyal to her family and continue to be responsible for the urban life.

"I firmly believe that as a woman and mother of a child, I believe that the family I have built will always be with God. If God is convinced that God loves us, it is safe. No Do you think that's a difficult time? We are not alone No Believe it No Note the thin difference, "said Nagita, speaking to a number of media programs in the South Jakarta traders program (11/14).

When she worked at home, she gave her husband's trust. Because she could not keep her husband within 24 hours.

"We know that his husband is entrusted with God. No Can be maintained 24 hours. But God exists. For example, if he lied to us, the main thing is that we believe that there is a God who saves us. I finally believe that God will always maintain the unity of my family. She should always pay attention to the amounts of money that her husband needed as a proportional woman, such as Raffi. But if we believe our husbands, God intends and we will wait, "he said.


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