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Isak Tangis Dufi Cemetery, Man was killed in a drum


JAKARTA, – Monday (11/19/2018) Monday The funeral ceremonies of Abdullah Fritri Sethuyanathan, Separ Public Cemetery in North Jakarta, were released.

Sunday (11/18/2018) Abdulla is one who found a drugs body in West Java Bougory Kulpangal area Sunday.

The sabs are full of fun when the culture of the family of dozens family, relatives and relatives in Dubai participates.

The bodies were found without the identity of the dragon and found scavengers in Bogor

Duffi's wife Bewu Yunadi hindaryi, her husband's body, gradually hid the body.

We got more calm from the tomb.

"Yes, stronger and later kids what do you do?? Duffy is good, strong and powerful, "said relative when she teared her eyes.

Bai looked weak when sowing a flower sowing.

The difference was that he saw her husband's tomb. In addition to Beau, many brothers and sisters do not weep.

33-year-old Duffi left his wife and six children. Dufi is the fifth cook of eight brothers.

Last week, the Duffy body was found at Narogong village in Qingpangal district.

Bogur Police Public Relations Subdistrict Deputy District Commissioner Ita Pespaita Lena said that a garbage collector of the area was first found.

The Garbage collector first thought the content of the drum was garbage.

"After opening it, the drum found inside the body (the trash bin) was shocked, he shouted, with the help of the surrounding people.

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