Sunday , April 2 2023

Foreign Contingency Govt will invest in MSME


JAKARTA, – FDI in Indonesia is less than $ 10 billion, according to Economic Development Minister Domin Nasot.

The government suspects that there is a net inflow of foreign investment in small, medium and small industrial units.

"It is not possible to enter the PMA (tuberculosis and internet cafes removal industry) because the investment is at least 10 billion dollars, only 10 billion Rp only 2 billion more," said Damn. For media personnel on Monday (11/19/2018).

The government earlier revised the Negative Investment List (DNI) as part of the XVI Economic Policy package published in the State Palace of Jakarta (11/16/2018).

The Vice President is keen on discussing the Economic Policy Package of XIM

In November 2018, 54 business fields were excluded from the revised DNA. Eastern cafes, tubercles, handicrafts, internet access services, queret, and white cigarette industries. Thus, foreign investors can invest 100 percent in this sector.

At the same time, Industry Minister Arar Ganga Harton said that with the presence of DNA cylinders, it was expected to depend on Indonesia in reliance on import.

Some industries that emerged from the DNI list are industries because there is a rise in import dependence and no deposit is of interest.

"Example Print The fabric needs 236,000 tons, so the product is not the same, so it happens Gap. Likewise, the cigarette industry continues. IKM industry is not growing, especially new ones, "Air Ganga explained.

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