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Follow prices from current and fitness charges in Indonesia 3


TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – Fitbit is officially branded as a new fitness smart bracelet, Fitbit Charge 3 to Indonesia. Fitbit Charge 3 is a sensor for healthcare activities and has a seven-day long life cycle of battery life.

Louis Lee, director of Southeast Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan regional sales, has made many changes from the previous version of Fatigue 3. The screen and some of the best features make the most visible changes.

"Our device keeps users healthy, and has smart features on Fitbit Charge 3, but this device is not a smart watch," said Louie.

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Fitbit charge is an OLED touch screen that uses the Gorilla Glass Protector 3. This wearable device is an irrigation system, so it can work in water too.

In the case of features, Fitbit Charge 3 has several sensor configurations, heart rate sensor, calorie measurement sensor, features for discovering fertility.

Fitbit Charge 3 There will also be a SPO2 sensor feature to detect the user's oxygen content, but the feature will be available through the update of the next software.

Louis Lee, Fitbitt South East Asia, Hong Kong Sales Manager, Taiwan Sales Sales (11/21/2018).
Louis Lee, Fitbitt South East Asia, Hong Kong Sales Manager, Taiwan Sales Sales (11/21/2018). ( Yudha Pratomo)

In its use, Fitbit Charge 3 can be connected to a smartphone. By connecting through a smartphone, users can create different settings like shows, training targets, footsteps targets, etc.

Fitbit Charge 3 sells two versions, that is, the standard version and the special edition.

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There is no difference in the features between the two, the users who purchase special editions get two different straps, ie a cut with a premium design and a standard strap.

The Fatit 3 is officially sold online and offline, online.

This wearable device is sold for a 2.8 million RP price tag, with a special version of RP 3.1 million.

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