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Failure to develop fetal content, which is often considered seriously.


JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – An infant must have a baby in order to develop properly. Many mothers regularly check the condition of their embryo to ensure that the baby is in good health. To avoid things that are not desirable, such as an undeveloped fetus.

A developing embryo describes the condition of slow growth of fetal growth. In the medical world, the delayed fetal growth has been known as the IUCR (Inter-planet Growth Restration).

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What causes it to prevent the development of the embryo in the womb? Here are the most common reasons reported from the page Hello health.


If the mother has heart, kidneys, lungs, blood clotting, uncomfortable cell anemia, or diabetes, it is possible that the fetus has a disability. Also, in the second trimester, you are pregnant, chronic hypertension, or both.

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