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Crazy! Daily trading on the Indonesian stock exchange exploded, IDR 19.68 t / day


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In this week’s trading, the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) rose 0.47% to close at 5,783,335 last week from the level of 5,810.483.

IDEX Corporate Secretary Julianto Aji Sadono said the Indonesian capital market recorded data movements from November 30 to December 4, 2020, most of which closed positively.

Aji said the average daily transaction value for the week rose by 32.26 per cent to 19.68 trillion riyals from 14.88 trillion riyals at the end of last week.

The average daily frequency for the week also increased by 9.36 percent. 1,272,820 transactions. Compared to 1,163,863 transactions in the previous week.

It rose 0.55 percent to $ 6,758.21 trillion from 6,720.95 trillion riyals last week.

At the same time, the average transaction volume increased by 6.34 per cent to 27.39 billion shares from 29.25 billion shares last week.

At the close of trading on Friday, December 4, foreign investors recorded a total sales value of 84.48 billion riyals. Total sales were recorded at 44.514 trillion riyals throughout 2020.

The Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) had 2 bond listings this week, the first being Monday (30/11), when IT Resources Asia Pacific Phase launched its sixth sustainable bond year 2020 PTJ Resources Asia Pacific TBK (PSAB). The nominal IDR in IDR is 415,260 billion.

Then on Thursday (3/12), PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure issued a TBK Sustainable Bond IV Tower Bersama Infrastructure Phase II Year 2020. (TBIG) IDEX began listing with 750 billion bond returns.

At the same time, the total issue of bonds and sukuk recorded in 2020 was IDR 96 issues out of 58 issues valued at $ 75.64 trillion. Together with these two records this week, the total bond listed on IDX, Sukuk has a total of 467 issues, with a nominal IDR of 424.85 trillion, $ 47.5 million and 127 issuers.

Government Securities (SBN) IDX is listed on a total of 132 series, with nominal values ​​of $ 3,729.99 trillion and $ 400 million. 10 inflows of 7.17 trillion riyals

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