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Black Flag in Recyk House, illegal Coat of Saudi Arabia


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Leader of the Islamic Defendants Front (FPI) RCC Shihab Saudi Arabia was in the grip of police Flag He bought the wall outside his house in Mecca. This flag is considered illegal in Saudi Arabia.

Information obtained from the Indonesian Embassy to Saudi Arabia The Reich's experiment relates to the construction of black flags that lead to the characteristics of extremist movements.

The FPI Trusts of FPI DPP Muhsin Al Attas confirmed that the flag displayed at the Residential House's wall last week was like the banner of Boa Tauhid's action.

Yan Maqmoodi, a former East African observatory in the Indonesian University, conducted the test on a suspicious basis of the Saudi authorities in a black flag surrounded by Rasik's house.

The government has strictly forbidden all types of jargon, labels, attributes and symbols related to extremism and terrorism. This flag is said to resemble the banned organization Hizb UT-Tahrir.

So far, the activities of Saudi Arabia, Hizbot Uthu-Tahrir and Ideology are prohibited through publications from affiliates.

"I suspect this suspicion will face a flag and will not reflect anything legal in Saudi Arabia," he said CNNIndonesia.com, Jupiter (8/11).

Some symbols, groups and organizations represent the flag as installed flag. In fact, the Saudi government is banning any organization or political activity in the country.

"The issue of this flag can be linked to the ban on political activity, if it is linked to suspected groups of militant groups or terrorists, it will be banned, and it will be a great threat to Saudi Arabia," he said.

Black Flag in Recyk House, illegal Coat of Saudi ArabiaTauhid's protest against the Tauhid defensive operations in Mata, West Nada coconut was a protest. (Bitwin Photos / Ahmad Subaidi)

Therefore, the Saudi government has the power to take action against the RCC if there is any problem with the flag institute. The Saudi government has the power to investigate cases involving citizens and other citizens living there.

"Saudi Arabia can take action because it is very strict against these rules," he said.

He can not confirm whether the flag is connected to a particular group or organization. However, the Saudi government has more stringent rules than Indonesia to set up such flag. No wonder, if these flags are more freedom to fly in Indonesia.

Since the emblems are controlled in Saudi Arabia, (when they have a flag) they call and inquire immediately, "said Yen, adding that it would be unusual in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the public is not restricted to the slogans of Indonesia and the prohibition of organizations and organizational systems. Each group is free to install that flag.

There is no exact provision for the prohibited organization like Husuu Uthu-Tahrir or ISIS in Indonesia.

"Indonesia has so many flags, but there are no laws, which are associated with the groups, which can not be lifted, so people can be more careful when some of them are flying or used," he said.

The flag of judgment of the monotheist is controversial in Indonesia. Controversies started when the black flag was burned by members of the Nahdlathul Ulama martpups Anor line in the garment.

Garudu is held on the occasion of Sandhya festival in the limbangan area on Monday (10/22). The flag was flagged as Hizb UT-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI). After the burning, there was a lot of demonstrations with the theme of defending the Tauhid. (pris / pmg)

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