Thursday , September 29 2022

Astronomers & # 39; Ghost & # 39; s near the Milky Way. Discover Galaxy – VV


In detail – Astronomers recognized the mysterious galaxies that rotated the galaxy. This galaxy is known at one third of the galaxy known as Interium 2, but it is very dim or bright.

The giant galaxy was discovered when the data was taken from the Gia satellite of the European Space Agency, a team of astronomers from Imperial College London. The official notification will be published on Cornell University Library website on November 9, 2019.

Research researcher Gabriel Torelebaba said that the Milky Way's satellite was discovered on the Aliae Valley satellite in the back of the galaxy's Galaxy display of Allia 2.

The Milky Way galaxy has an galaxy of 130 galaxies in the orbit of galaxies. & # 39; Ghosts & # 39; (GTA) data can only be achieved with an extensive discovery of objects such as Anti-2, "Troyilba said.

Since it has the attractive properties of dark matter, it is known as the 'ghost' & # 39; ghost & # 39; It is called a galaxy. For this reason, the antin 2 scientists can not find it long before they existed.

"The Milky Way galaxy is located behind the galaxy and it's possible that scientists lose it," he said.

This discovery is speculated by astronomers about whether inferior galaxies are invisible in the galaxy. Astronomers have discovered the same pattern as the same galaxies search for GIA data.

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