Tuesday , March 21 2023

The rare gamma-ray exploded and broken


MELBOURNE: Scientists have discovered a large supernova explosion at a distance of 8,000 light years from Earth. Dangerous gamma ray is believed to burst. One of the greatest vigorous events in the universe after the Big Bang.

There is not yet a gamma-ray burst found in the natural galaxy.

The word eupep, the goddess of the Egyptian goddess, is part of a star.

There are two hot and beautiful stars – astronomers known as Wolf Reeds – researchers at the University of Sydney University in Australia report each other more than a hundred years.

A starlike wind is found to be rich. Using spectroscopy, the telescopes calculate the speed of the stellar wind by up to 12 million kilometers per hour.

Joe Collingam of the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy said that the star was discovered as an outlet in a radio telescope by the University of Sydney.

"We knew we were finding something quite unusual: the spectrum charts from the radio to the infrared," Collingham said.

"When we saw the stunning dust particles around these stars, we decided to name it as" apape "- a giant serpent and an enemy enemy of the Sun god of the ancient Egyptian mythology.

"On the APP system we have seen a supernova, which is just like a rotating speed, so it can be a break up very soon," Benjamin Pop of the New York University said.

Wolf-rayart stars like Apple's plum have a very large star at the end of their lives. Can be supernova anytime.

The researchers believe this is a recipe for a gaami-ray breakdown for a total space disaster. These are the most destructive events in the universe after the Big Bang.

Fortunately, the freezing land should not be intended. Because gamma Ray from this vicinity radiates ozone from the atmosphere, UV from the Sun.

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