Thursday , June 8 2023

Shashi Tharoor says PM Modi is a hero with a white horse with a sword


Shashi Tharoor of the PM assaulted "Modi is a human government". (Fillet)


Congressman Shashi Tharoor on Saturday stared at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who "called him a hero on a white coat with a raised sword in his hand."

Tharoor debated Sunday at the Bangalore Literature Festival when he claimed that an unpublished RSS leader compared PM Modit with a scorpion Shivling"and" you can not remove him with your hand and you can not hit him chappal either. "

A criminal complaint was filed against him at the Delhi court earlier in the commentary on the scorpion.

Mr. Tharoor pulled back the Prime Minister again and set "a white jackal hero in his hand with a raised sword", saying that I know all the answers. "

"Modi is a human government and everyone is dancing what he says," he said at an event organized by an industry organization, adding that India is now the "most centralized PMO" in history.

"Every decision is made by the PMO (Prime Minister's Office), each file must be approved for the PMO," he said.

In the next parliamentary elections, Mr Tharoor said that both the pre-voter and post-voting alliances between the congress and the other opposition parties will be, but Rahul Gandhi, the congressional president, may be "not the prime minister".

The forthcoming Lok Sabha elections are important in denying the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) with the second power, the congressional representative said.

He said that the decision on the Prime Minister's side of the Congressional Federation was collective and "it may not be him (Gandhi)", the congress broadly speaking opposed the BJP, such as Pranab Mukherjee, Ch Chamambaram and others who achieved tremendous results el ".

Mr Gandhi is the unquestionable choice of congressional workers. "If free and fair elections are held between congressional workers, Rahul Gandhi will win," the congressman said.

Following on from the Modi government's criticism, Mr. Tharoor said, "We are leading a top-down, over-centralized and less effective government in the country and nothing positive in the Indian economy." "Demonization was a bad idea, and the GST was a good idea," Tharoor said.

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