Sunday , April 2 2023

Paulgoga joins with Juventus and discusses Manchester United


Paul Pugla is the goal of the former club Juventus.

The Juvenus re-acquired Manchester United star Paul Popgba. The club had asked Red Devils to know what would be their future through informal debates in tune. Understand.

Boga spent four years in Italy. Earlier this month, Franklin won 2-1 against his former club.

The relationship with Baron Joseph Maureen, 25, has broken down since Jos mourning the Old Trafford in connection with Old Trafford. & # 39; Home & # 39;

The wardrobe of the old lady during the summer lady gave her $ 99 million to Cristiano Ronaldo, even though she lost the sale of the Champions League-winning Juventus Pago.

Poka's contract expires in 2021 (Figure: Gati)

In the year 2016, after United's relations with the United States, Before the Champions League match in Turin, it was informally investigated about the availability of the French in Italy.

Joining United United in 2016, Clouse dismisses a first option in the deal with Poggia, and if Red Devils try to sell the French, Everest must know.

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They make it clear that the Jununes will be interested in midfielder. Bogba will open to the club.

Pog said that former players in Italy were former players and praised his decision to come back.

The midfielder, who suffered from France's Nation's League team, is expected to play in the US club to play in the Crystal Palace.

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