Wednesday , March 22 2023

Jet CEO DUBAI discussed various investors with stable financial institutions


Jet Airways has set up an investment of Rs 5 billion in the first half of this fiscal. It is also having discussions with various investors to get sustainable funding.

Jet Privilege members will be deployed in Dubai for a more profitable, productive, economical and efficient means of communication.

Grossing with financial disasters, the entire service looks to overcome the liquidity crisis of carrier investors, which led to a delay in a section of some 16,000 workers from certain merchants and salaries.

Dubi said that our business in the business sector is interested in our strong brand and self confidence, and we are actively negotiating with various investors to navigate through the current brain and create long term growth and ensure sustainable financing.

On November 16, Tata Sons showed interest in Jet Airways acquisition. But no suggestion has been made yet.

In the three months ended September, the company lost 12.61 billion dollars.

The plan for Jet Airways buyers was injured along with Tata Authority

Dubai Revenue Revenue Revenue increased by 10% Cargo revenue grew by 13.7 per cent. It was 13.7 per cent in the corresponding period last year.

The RASK (revenue for the average seat volume) in the domestic market is declining, but due to our strong presence in the international market and our loyal corporate consumer base, we retained our RASK.

In the first half of 2018, efforts were made to earn more than 500 crores (500 crores) of income.

These six new Boeing 737 MAX planes are scheduled to be delivered this financial year.

"In the past few months in the IATA Operation Safety Audit and DGCA Audit Clearance, we testify to our commitment to safety, and we will always be clean for the Jet Airways, Nov. 19.

Issue Reed: Jet Walkers may find out if they do not receive equity infusion and lose asset

The IATA is a global group of DGCA-controlled airlines that are controlled by domestic aircraft.

Etihad Airways-owned Jet Privilege, Customer Loyalty Program owns a 24% stake.

Tata Sons can ask for a strict non-Ottay deal with Jet Airways

Jet Airways' bayout package is likely to be possible for Jawaharlal Nehru, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu said. The government made this statement on November 19.

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