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Indian peacekeeper was injured in DRDC rebellion


UNITED NATIONS, November 20: A rebel group attacked by a UN peacekeeping effort by the UN to work in a Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) area dealing with the Ebola crisis.

Secretary General Antonio Gutez's spokesman, Stephen Dujari, said the attack on the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) on Friday evening in the Bokin area of ​​the northern Kiev province.

Six people who went to the police station could not identify the injured.

The outbreak of Ebola Disease has further aggravated the crisis in DRC. 154 peacekeepers' lives, including 15 of them in struggles with the revolutionary forces killed,

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), on Friday, 16 bodies were saved from ebola threats.

Last week, a Tanzanian, AFD killed in Beni area near the Malawian peace-keeping bakery.

The new victims were designed by the South Africa, Malawi and Tanzanian peacekeeping force intervention brigade. They are jointly operated with DRC's forces.

Jean-Pierre Lacrosse said that Indian peacekeepers "are not a member of the Force Intervention Brigade". Is active in other parts of the peacekeeping force.

"The North is not violence in Kyiv, but it is the most affected," he said.

For example, "Indians played an important role in the attack on the city of Uvira," he said.

In May 2017, Myai was attacked by Umai, the second largest town in south Kiv province.

The Organization Stabilization Mission of the United Nations had 276 Indian police personnel in DNC.

In addition, 2,627 Indian missions retain second on this mission.

The details of the attack on an Eddie group were reported in the Monsco Radio Area. But the Indian police peacekeeper got hurt.

An ADF Finance Officer was raided in the Bochin area of ​​Reivsorori, northern Kyiv.

After the intensive care unit, the protest rallied quickly.

UN Security Council and the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) have increased security measures in Beni. There are hotels including UN employees and humanitarian workers emphasizing the Ebola crisis. Beni area, "Dujarric said.

The Fine Invention Brigade last week campaigned against the ADF. "Responding to repeated attacks on the people of the Beni region," says Mansocco.

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