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In 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the judge was criticized. India News


In 1984 anti-Sikh riots, two criminals were not able to prevent crimes against the Delhi Police officers.

Additional Sessions Judge Ajay Pandey said: "Yashpal Singh was sentenced to death and sentenced to life imprisonment for the last 33 years.

The murder took place following the killing of Sherawat, Yashpal Singh, Harkiw Singh of Mahidalpur in South Delhi and an avatar Singh in connection with the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The complaint was filed by the girl's brother Santhosh Singh. But in 1994, the police had tried to sabotage the investigation. The case was withdrawn by the Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Judge Pandey said on the basis of the statements of eyewitnesses, it is clear that the deceased's shops and eyewitnesses were looting when the Yashpal bus arrived on November 1, 1984. The court pointed out that one of the witnesses had sufficient material and accusations in the affidavit filed by Satakog Singh.

While Singh was hanging Kashmir, there was no truth about the convicted Yashpal being voluntarily modified. "The court said he played as a jury for the court and the victims and concealed his income and property.

"If he does not repent for the past 34 years, the court will not revise his mood in such a prolonged period," he said, adding that he tried to mislead the court to overcome his liabilities.

The court also ordered not only to convict the culprits but to justify criminals for just a fair trial. The culprits have not been arrested till Nov 14 is confirmed by the Conference. Eyewitnesses reminded the witnesses to appear before the court on November 5. They expressed their grief that the criminals were in roaming. Big, "the judge said.

Judge said that the need for justice in such cases damages the faith of communities that have been destroyed for decades. "Such incidents break the entire fabric of faith and mutual compromise against the community, thus suppressing and suppressing various religious and social groups, the inter-community trust has collapsed and the migration of large-scale mishaps, in fact, the 1984 riots brought to the massive migration of the Sikhs Their lifestyle and livelihood in denial of constitutional guarantees has become a severe persecution. It may take several decades to rebuild our faith.

The petition was filed in the high court challenging the security situation in the premises of the Delhi court. The court had pronounced the verdict in Tihar jail.

The local police's attention is that there will not be a situation in 2016 when the JNU president Kanhai Kumar Patiala House is attacked in court.

A local policeman had filed a complaint demanding him not to pronounce the verdict in court. Because they expect a law and order situation.

"We had hoped that the suspects were likely to be attacked in the last week and the incident, and the court asked them to pronounce the verdict in Tihar jail, before a verdict was reached in the court, and the verdict was pronounced by the court, where there was a possibility of an encounter," he said.

First Published: November 20, 2018 23:55 IST

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