Saturday , June 10 2023

How is this provided? Stingling missed by mistake


"Talking about a penalty is very difficult – but it's ridiculous, that's what I want to say," he said.

"Everyone noticed it, but it was not a mistake," he added.

According to Video Manager Pep Guardiola, the demand for video recurrence (VAR) was to be implemented.

Match's match-fixing rahim sterling apologized to match referee.

Match's match-fixing rahim sterling apologized to match referee.Credit:AP

"We realized that it was a mistake and we do not like to score in this situation," said Guardiola, "Sterling could at that time refer to the referee.

"You know what is VAR and what's it – they do not want to make mistakes, because the referee needs help.

"This match is very fast, very fast these days, if someone says something to the referee it will take 10 seconds," he added.

The social media was released after the penalty was given.

Sterling gave the City two appeals. David Silva had challenged for 18 minutes but was no substitute for Kasai.

Shakhtars had the right to be affected. But they got out of the city twice a second time. They won by Stirling, Riaz Mahr and two Jose Strike.

Silva was hacked by Taras Steppenko. Jesus shot to the upper corner.

The result at Etihad Stadium prompts Manchester United against the management against United. They have the bonus of Sergio Aguero, Leooy Sain, Benjamin Mendy and Vincent Compani.

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