Tuesday , March 28 2023

Genes of rare genetic hair have been found


London, Nov 7 (bdnews24.com/Reuters) – A new gene has been found in genetics due to genetics.

Hypothritis simplex can occur without any other disorder. In infancy, a thin hair disappears. The age of hair increases in hair growth. Ultimately, only head and body are left.

A group of bone researchers at the University Hospital found that changes in the genetics syndrome (LSS) gene may cause discomfort in a critical key enzyme in cholesterol metabolism.

However, if the value added to the cholesterol blood did not change, it turned out.

"There is an alternative pattern for cholesterol, which plays an important role in cholesterol, not associated with cholesterol levels in the blood", and Reginas C in the University Institute of the Human Genetics Institute. Bet said.

The study of three family coding genes has been studied by the American Journal of Human Genetics. The two are unrelated and different strangers.

The eight members of the LSS are in the mutations of the LSS genius.

Using Tissue Samples, Scientists have tried to find out where cells in the body of LSS have been discovered. Hair grows on the hair roots.

If the LSS gene is not converted, the related enzyme is located on a computer for the very good channels of endopolitical retoolation in the follicular cells.

If there is a transformation, the Lanosterol Sinhaas and the nearby property of these channels, cytosol and scientists monitor.

"We have not yet been able to tell us when your hair is broken," said the doctoral student at the university governor Maria Terrisa Romano University.

"Changing the position of the LSS from Endoplasmic Retiliation would be ruinous."

"More about the causes of illness The new approaches can help with hair loss," said Romano. It's still taking a long time to go.

Nevertheless, this life was invented for better diagnosis of rare diseases.

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