Wednesday , March 22 2023

Damned to Jordan, but Constantine impressed


Amman, November 18

The Indian football team went to Jordan at 1-2 at the International Football Friendship. The second best performance was the visitors' balance. China, which has the highest rank among humanist topics of Stephen Constantin, is not globally confused.

In the 25th minute, goalkeeper Aamir Shafi took the lead. Jarrett breaks up when Jardine comes to the conclusion of the match and Jaron breaks off. Ehsan Haddad crossed the line of Jordan and gained a lead of 2-0 in his 58-minute minutes of struggle.

In the 61st minute, the silent visitors who came from Nesh Kumar's net got a comeback. It was the second touch of the game.

Indian Coach Stephen Constantine insults India's performance. The boys showed good performance. I could not ask for more. And I was very happy that I was trained by the players. We came here to play a valuable experience. They realized how to be stressed and play out of their seats, "says Constantine.

AFC meeting next year India is ready to participate in the Asian Cup and has opted out of Oman. – PIT

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