Wednesday , March 22 2023

Carlos Gosnan was arrested on charges of civil disobedience


The CEO of Nizan Carlos Gosnen last year announced that Renault will have to step in as CEO in the four years ending 2022.

The CEO of Nizan Carlos Gosnen last year announced that Renault will have to step in as CEO in the four years ending 2022.

Tokyo: Nissan Motor, the chief operating officer of Carlos Gosni, was arrested for violating the Financial Trading Act.

Roger Said, chief executive officer in Ghosi, has also been arrested in the world's leading car business leaders for being alert to Japanese business trade violations. Japanese automaker manufacturer Nissan has been conducting a domestic investigation over the last few months in a crucial contrast to the likes of Greg Kelly.

Nissan and Kenny have been reported to have been compensated in the Stock Exchure Securities report by Tokyo for a reduction in the amount of compensation provided by Carlos Gosnone.

The company claims that it is providing information to prosecutors in Japan and fully cooperating in their investigations. Gozin volunteered with the Tokyo Prosecutors.

Nissan will hold a press conference at 9 o'clock in Tokyo. A spokeswoman for the Tokyo Prosecutors said that they do not respond in every case.

A spokesman for Renault refused to respond. Paris was down 14 percent. Nissan's Global Depository Receipts have fallen by more than 11%.

One of the biggest carmakers in the world, Goss, 64, Renoult, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's three union unions were built. In September, he will continue to watch his roles in three individual companies and lead their alliance.

A spokesman for France's finance ministry declined to comment on the report. He supported the renewal of Ghansan in the French carrier's capitals.

Goshen's compensation has been continuously criticized for several years in the most paid executives in Japan and France. Ghoni, chairman of the Renault Nisan Mitsubishi co-chairman, and Reno's CEO and Nisan and Mitsubishi's chairman, has received numerous awards.

He paid around $ 1.1 billion (about 10 million dollars) in Nissan in 2016, nearly 6.5 million dollars (approximately 10.5 million dollars) in the latest financial year. Renault's house is close to $ 8.5 million and $ 2 million from Mitsubishi. In Renault, Renault will have his package of 2017 to be reduced by 20% by shareholders.

Johnson's life is through a merger as planned to change the company's dealings. Last year Nissan's CEO, Josen Renault, will take over as CEO. A two-year contract was completed four years before the expiry of 2022.

The Bloomberg news report reported that bicycles will decide to find a merger between each other or decide to find alternative systems to improve their partnership. Ghos said in September that the companies would "clarify" in the first half of the current Renault chief executive office.

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