Wednesday , March 22 2023

AI can be used to predict the effectiveness of the treatment


A new artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been developed. It helps to compare different treatments and identify other alternatives suitable for the patient.

Traditionally, by examining the efficacy of the treatment methods by random checks, patients have been divided into two groups randomly: one of the groups is given for therapeutic cost and the other for a playboo.

Scientists, including the University of Olto University and the University of East Finland, have revealed that there are other ways to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.

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Professor Oli-Pecca Ryananne of the University of East Finland says that new and more attractive ways to improve the development of medical research.

"It is now possible to predict the outcome of treatment in individual diseases, and assess existing and new treatments, and with this method, some random inspections can be changed with the change," Ryynanen said.

Researchers use this method to study the journal Health Informatics Research.

However, this method can be applied to other treatments.

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For sleep apnea patients, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment reduced the mortality rate and decreased by 5 percent on long-term basis of myocardial infarction and seraphrovous bowel deficiency.

Heart patients are CPAP less.

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