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11 Polling candidates including Pongal raids and MPs Kamal Nath and Digvijay

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Madhya Pradesh chief minister Kamal Nath (file photo)

Investigation reports and testimony submitted by the Income Tax Department are alleged to have been handed over to 11 Congress candidates in the Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh and handed over to the CBI. The All India Congress Committee (AICC) handed over the documents received from The Express Exchanges.

Investigative officials have examined five key persons involved in the conspiracy hatched on April 7, 2019. The phone chat and transmitted phone conversations have been searched through chat in the atom. Though the transcripts of these calls have not been submitted to the Election Commission, it is alleged that the CBI had sought cash withdrawal from May 4.

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and BJP The candidate, Bhopal Digvijay Singh, had won the election fund from a majority of candidates. This information was collected from Lalit Kumar Chalani's computer. An account working with RK Miglani and Praveen Kakkar, former assistants of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister.

Digvijay Singh has received Rs 25 lakh from his party MPs from Chalani. Two names were signed at Rajaram Tripathi (Satna) and Madhu Bhagat (Balaghat).

The Election Commission observed that the process would be completed only by the end of June, when it announced the expenditure for the Lok Sabha candidates.

Other Lok Sabha candidates who received money through the "Target Group" were Meenakshi Natarajan (Mannadur); Kamal Maravi (Mandla); Pramila Singh (Shahdol); Ajay Singh Rahul (Sidi); Devashish gariya (binding); Shailender Singh Diwan (Hoshangabad); Kithita Singh Nadaraja (Khajuraho); Pratap Singh Lodhi (Damo).

Of the total funds for assembly elections, 87 people were given to the total of Rs 17.9 crore, of which 40 were elected to the assembly.

The receipts have not reflected the receipts and the amount paid to the candidates for the assembly election is above Rs 28 lakh.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath, who was questioning this discovery, said, "There is no connection with him." "Let them send the case to the CBI, it does not matter, and it does not have anything to say," he said.

There are several departments in the documents submitted by the CBI and the Personal and Training Department (DTT) on May 17th.

The fact is that big money has been raised from various government departments in Madhya Pradesh. A detailed description of this information is a critical part of information experts. Praveen Koker, a former OS member of WhatsApp, seized the phone from Kamal Nath. Transport Department (`54.45 crore); Excise Department (Rs 36.62 crore); Mining Department has Rs 5.50 crore; Public Works Department (Rs 5.20 crore); Irrigation Department (Rs. 4 crore)

Other evidence found in Lalit Kumar Chalani's phones is alleged to have received Rs 17 crore for the Lok Sabha elections. According to an IT report, Rs 17 crore has been confirmed in the messages of Haamshusha Sharma, witnessed by Vijayan Damodaran, Chief Information Officer of Chief Minister Kamalnath in New Delhi.

The IT report says Vijay Damodaran's certification is decisive to change the Rs 20 crore from the Chief Minister's residence from the AICC to controversy. He later agreed to withdraw money for AICC. Indian Express called several candidates. Many have said that most of them have been legally treated to their bank account by denying or rejecting the allegations. Digvijay Singh did not have any repeated attempts.

The Congress candidate in the Siddhi Lok Sabha seat is Ajay Singh and son of former Chief Minister Arjun Singh. The accusations are described as baseless. KL-raided houses in Delhi

The Congress candidate in the constituency Mandal Kamal said, "I failed in the election and my colleague Prima Gandhi asked me to give a reply to the caller of the Congress candidate Mannur Meenakshi Natarajan, who did not respond to a text message and the former CM Praveen Koker did not return the calls.

Reliving the Congress candidate for the bindin said: "Raids Congress sthanart'thiyalla me. I do not know why I have to valiccilakkappetunnat., On April 13, and finally decided that my ticket. I pularttiyilla financially and economically kaimariyatinal in touch with my money when the election of the party. The details of the submission I counted the money lined up regularly in the party.

Congress candidate Pratap Singh Lodhi and Rajaram Tripathi did not do the wrong thing.

Khajuraho's candidate Kavita Singh Nadarajah said, "I have not done anything wrong and I do not know what they are saying, and the money I received is legally billed (I have a bank account) and I do not know why people have anything to do with them, and I have not committed a crime."

Shivendra Singh Diwan, the Congress candidate from Hoshangabad, told reporters that he was not handed over to the bank except for the money transferred to the bank. Maybe they wanted to give, but did not get anything. By selling facts I know how I face election. The pre-prepared ODD D-Caker said no money and no money.

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