Wednesday , October 5 2022

WebEye has become a private limited company


The company group implemented an internal vertical merger. The stock market and management were entered.

This month, web-based companies will complete the vertical merger and a group of more than 300 employees will become a private limited company. Lamba Telematics Certificate, merged with Lampada-Com Kft and Web International Qty. According to a declaration made by a Hungaria-owned telemetric company, the new company will be more helpful for implementing growth projects. In addition, stock exchanges are likely to be economically viable.

Lambanda Co. Ltd. was founded in 2001. By 2005, Hungarian telematic (mainly vehicle tracking) was able to dominate the market. In the last two years, the company earned revenues of 1.5 billionaires. In 2015, it crossed the 1.8 billion dollar revenue. Last year's operating profit was 33 million – in 2015 it was 263 billion.

In 2007 the Company Company became a local player. International Kme 2006 was registered in order to expand the activities of Romania to make local products available. Now he works in 14 countries. In recent years, Lampada has grown more than a com international company. Last year, the number of 2.6 billion foreigners was equivalent to 2016. At the same time, operating profits have gained over two years. The e-toll (hook-GO) system will work and the participants of this group will participate.

They match the circumstances of the company

The modification of the company's tasks has been justified by the organization's transformation. As communicating, GSM-based communication channel service initially had to transfer the information needed and the hardest task of hardware-resistant building. But today, these tasks have changed due to customer's data security. Organizational transformation will be done to meet new needs.

This change was primarily driven by the propagation of mobile devices and end-accelerated data transfer capabilities – writing a notice of WebEye. The information separated from your hardware is used to extract information from external resources to see all the factors that influence an organization that can easily understand their business performance through the use of goods and other road haulage customers.

When other smartphones arise, market participants consider road logistics as a service, the mobility-to-service approach has become stronger. The management believes that virtual mergers will help make the Web more responsive to these challenges.

Future plans for up to five years

Milk minded, CEO of the newly established WiE Teletex CTET says that the number of telethtronics end points that we handle 64,000 to 200,000 by 2023 will increase the number. He said. Export revenue from 80 per cent to double incomes has been raised. An important perspective is the company's stock market.

The company development center is working in Hungary, Fort, and Seagat.

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