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Moody's Hungarian resettled the public debt



Moody's Hungarian resettled the public debt

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November 18, 2018

The next week, Moody's Investors Service Hungary will review the general public this year for ending this year's Review Review Series review.

Hungary will be the first on June 1 and November 23 on the international credit rating standards.

With the closure of European and American markets based on established training, London's decision to end in London will end.

Unlike previous practice, Moody's has not yet selected three reservation dates in 2018. Two other global market leaders, like the S & P Global ratings and the Fitch Ratings. Nevertheless, the company did not take into account the status of Hungary for the first time in June this year, so it did not report any changes in rating or change.

Recently, the debt of the hacked government has been amended on November 4, 2016. Credit Rating Company Hungry has rebuilt in the Investment Recommendation Category, the current possible and consistent perspective "Baa3" sovereign classification from "Ba1".

Since then, on the four scheduled schedules of the Moody Agenda, Hungary has introduced Hungary on March 3, July 7, and October 20, but credit rating has not made any further reforms.

In the context of the eurozone crisis, European creditors only take on credit cards in each calendar year if the credit rating agencies are predetermined, if an urgent need for an immediate development is necessary.

However, credit rating agencies do not force real-time reviews to make those early decisions in those days.

This year, three major international rating agencies have set up only six to two times in the assessments of Hungarian public sector currencies. But there has been no change in the last five years.

S & P Global Ratings – Credit Rating Division of Standard & Poor's Financial Services Group – Hungary The BBB minus / A3 rating in the Agenda for the first time took place on February 16 and 17 this year on foreign currency and short term Hungarian debts.

Likewise, a fitting rating has been evaluated for the first time this year. Hunger rating was also marked on March 9, 2009, for a long-term "BBB minus" positive position to raise the quality of the short term loan of the Hutchic Supermarket.

S & P and Fitch do not join in Hungary. This Friday, Moody's did not evaluate the next Friday at the Hoodan debt curve.

Although a specific public debt is based on a category of categories and different marketing methods, Hungary's sovereign ratings are similar to two other global rating agencies, yet the mood is currently 3 bank and 3 ratings.

These three companies returned to Hungary to the Investment Band. However, the S & P and Fitch have improved during the last year's upgrading of Hungarian categories. Thus, one of the three big companies with a permanent view of the Moody's Hungarian public debt crossing.

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