Friday , September 30 2022

Liddl is in the kitchen


If the customers are interested, Lid Magriszorg has announced a holiday term.

According to the retail website, there is no salmon pollution on a cell network.

This is CG

"Michad Pizza Cell network 20g "The following KD data is listed at the same time:

– Quality: 12.03.2020

– Probe: L803101.

In the production plant, salmon pollution is not indicative of lid cheese quality test.

Salmonella bacteria can be increased and infertile.

However, the careful treatment is causing salmonella bacteria to be destroyed, and the use of pizzas used in the pins is not Salmonella.

NozigritschForce: Shutterstock

The idea is, if they are looking for words in the above mentioned period,

Do not consume it, bring it back.

Vtelrat – Verdict receipt confirms – CG is behind.

The withdrawal of the above features means. Products that are sold along with lidlines do not apply to refunds. Liddell Hungry BT creates the inconvenience it creates in the name of the brand's brand.

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