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This was a special emotion. Because I was one of the audience in Hungary before handball.

– So Marco Rozi started the captain of the Metro.

September victory against the Greeks (2-1), the viewers were not allowed to enter the stadium on Thursday. He was banned for a 2-0 victory against the Estonian.

"This is not a job for me.

As of March, there are a lot of time for EB qualifiers, so it may take on the characteristic nature of the first half. "

Soulton Gera, the assistant of the team member, is the Greatest First Questions of Knowledge that he will not retire without a go.

When TV interviewed, the Greeks realized that they had been caught in Athens by some way. It was a joy to know that the results were lucky in the last moments.

With this, the Hungarian team is now in the 2020 position and the second spot in the group playoff. (You will not get it directly.)

He has also taken responsibility for his responsibility, "he said. He has scored two goals now.

"I was fortunate to drink because I was standing in my cottage and Judas and cleanser stood firm, and if they did not go, they would say to me.

He was joking.

Judas said he was not going to celebrate the audience for hugs.

The most important thing is that the same force will return to the club for clubs in March. Eb. The qualifier did not hesitate to beat the opponent. (Will be revealed in December).

Salmiya liked her much better than her own.

The team captain believes that a new complex gaming system is more important than a team captain.

Two wings must be perfectly accurate when the attackers move forward. Two of them have won without a goal when retiring. It's a pleasure. It was brought back, I knew that the ball was back, so it was not a difficult task for me. "

Balasas Desesszazek played a new role behind Salai and inspired the company's success. I did not know what to say before the game.

"We're good, things are going to happen, it's good to avoid it, we can be happy if we get a good start," – summed up.

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