Sunday , April 2 2023

Finally, Olly TV was released.


Earlier, news reports said that Old Hydinton will be able to bring in the release of the LT-LDL LCD technology. Well, let's actually happen, the company is releasing X-series televisions made in such an imagery process.


First of all, they are trying to get into the Australian market, so device cabs are only available in the country. The 55-inch version is $ 3500 (~ $ 980,000), 65 inch $ 5,000 ($ 400,000). The LG 4K HDR Panel will be completed using its image processor and control software. HTC's VIDAA 2.5 smartphone is available on the TV so that web apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime or Spotify are available. Hitus will first host OLED television in Europe in January 2019. However, the QLED alliance is a good question, its aim is to be one of its founders, the goal of promoting quantum-led LED LCD technology.


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