Thursday , June 30 2022

Catalinal Sicily: The Left is not in the party of the society


Socialist former rulers criticized Left parties. Kantelin spoke at a conference in Cililo Budapest. He believed that the Left was no longer influenced. According to the prime minister's agent, the uneasy crisis with the Left is due to the lack of dialectic principles.

In the 2014 election, the Left parties have fixed a common policy and received 26 per cent of the vote. Four years later, they lost popularity. Support for MSZP dialog and Democrat party, and 17%, is difficult.

The famine of the Left has long begun – Katlin Sili, former deputy chairman of the MSZP, said during the conference on the condition of the Left Parties. The current Prime Minister's mandate was that socialists did not make a public check in dual citizenship in 2004. That was ultimately unsuccessful. The speaker said that the reason for the lack of the Left's crisis, the uniform, and the dialectic doctrines.

According to the Director of the Industrial Institute, MSZP and DK gave a bad answer to migrants, so the new people left them. According to Salve Agostan, the left parties in Hungary do not play in political competition before the ruling parties.

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