Sunday , April 2 2023

Alto's revenue grew, and its result fell to the first three quarters


Revenue growth is a major factor in the growth of 40% in power and natural gas sectors. This forced compulsory acquisition (KTT) reduces the amount of turbines released from third-party construction activities.

Consolidated interest, tax and pre-incapacity rate (EBITDA) decreased by 18 per cent. The main reason is the low EBITDA loss of wind turbines, which reduced CO2 expenditure and petroleum output in 2017.
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The energy output sector (FDI) generated a record high of $ 408 million for the FUBO by a massive 3% record high. This is mainly due to the increase in CO2 expenditure and the fundamental results achieved in favor of favorable components in 2017.

The increase in sales and profits of the retail sector in both the gas and electricity trading and the hedging policy has also increased in favorable price and price rise.

The turnover of energy businesses and services increased by 21 per cent or 900 million rupees. Due to essential investments in the third quarter. Last year, investors in the Alto Group made more investments. In 2018, the partnership of the companies specializes in solar power plant investments, especially in the solar power plant.

Power Generation has grown by 40 per cent over the first quarter. In 2017, it was 1,393 billion phones. The sale of electricity is increased because of the power industry (HUF 1,209 billion), but the gas trading business has also achieved considerable growth. The Segment's ABDD HUM was improved by more than 263 million higher secondary.

This continues to be a continuous capital of investments and investments this year. The $ 10-15 billion investment plan and investment plan, implemented within the framework of the Strategy of 2017-2019, enabled the investment and development of $ 11 billion by the end of September.

Alto Group CEO Atlla Chikan said: "Investments in 10-15 billion dollars will be invested in the first half of 2019. In the first half of 2019, the solar power of the group will reach 20 megawatts.

"In the remaining years, in addition to looking for appropriate investment and growth prospects, our group's resources are now in charge of the construction projects," said the CEO. Regarding the presence of the stock market, he added: They want to strengthen their position not only as a power company but as a stock market issuer, so they will continue to have secondary issue and new bond issues over the next period.

In early September, Alto's usual shares were shifted to the premium section from the previous standard category. On Monday, trading 670 phones were shut down. The highest exchange rate last year was 815 forums, with at least 619,375 foreigners.


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