Friday , March 24 2023

A big name is "Big Rocket"


Tuesday 20 November 2018 – 17:55

& # 39; Big Faking Rock & # 39; Is used for Mars. Now she's given a new name because the previous children were very friendly.


A year ago, we learned about the Alon Musk project for Planetarium, the rocket launcher Big Faking Rock, known as "a very large missile".

BFR is a cargo missile designed for the transport vehicle which is not economically inexhaustible. For missile missile should be done on more than two platforms. Though the project is being developed, there are small developments.

For example, he has given you a new name for a few hours: now called a startup. The ship's missiles were known as Super Heavy, which was the first name of the name "Sky X".

The reason for changing the name is not explained by the Elon Mask. In 2023, 20:00 will be the billionaire of Japan going to StarCat to Meza Juzaku.


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