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Yung Soo Song rejected 40 years of hatred. So Vinehu's Memorial Service Yang Shouchen Chen Long Long You're Nyan


Film industry businessman Sue Venkayai passed away long before his family made him cremated. Yesterday, he made a memorable ceremony for the Orange Sky Golden Harvest Company, and during his lifetime he had a good relationship, including the directors Liu Weiqing, Peng Hao Tsing, Tang Jilai, and he joined hands with Zoe Chan. The interview was shocking.

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Doctors are Jan Chan, Fang Suming, Wang Jing, Lin Jianui, Chen Maseng, Chen Gueo, Tang Jilli, Maa Chuenheng, Gwan Jinping, Liu Weikiang, Luu Reui, Shi Nansheng, Mae Fengguo, Miao Kyuki, Shang Tongues and Din U. Jai Chan, Lee Seiju, Lei Chien, Jackie Chan, his wife Lynn Fengjiao, Fang Summing, Liu Deawah, Shou Tsingchi, Yang Shouzing, his wife La Sisiaman, Peng Havosing, Lin Ziaoming and Perfoming Artist Association gave flowers to the flowers.

Zoo Vennshai's pre-life clip was screened at 2:30 pm. Sao Venghuhi's daughter Su Song and her younger sister Soong Shong's statements were distributed. At 3:30 pm Jackie Chan asked if he would visit me. When Juni Chan, Liu Waik Hiang, Peng Hsiang Dong, Tang Jilli also came to the stage to share Sue Venthay's character, he remembered his elder brother Zoe Venkhihi.

Women who love love give thanks;

Many have asked what he learned from his father, and I praised his father for their knowledge, knowledge, understanding and how to use it. She will handle the attitude of journalists to examine whether it is good or not. I want my father to argue with my father and to give support to my father, but my father has taught me that there are two sides, the truth between the two sides I make my father a lifestyle.

Zha Shankinghi, son of his son Wu Shuangi, emphasizes that the reports are incorrect and that there is no disgust for 40 years. Dad knows that he is proud of his father and wants to write stories. Add MSG to some extent as cooked. Dad's retirement in 2008 was suggested to write an autobiography, but Dad is not a great man, but a great man in today's heart and mind.

Known to the blessings of the encounter tang jee Li

Two years ago, he met with Zhu Huhui and paid tribute to Tam Gill, and in 1991 he joined a new Director General in Gold Gate. Jackie Chan encouraged him to portray "super police" and always invested. I believe it is not a director to invest in, so I am very grateful to the other party. Wow Jin said that he was not alone with his friend, but he was not in contact with Senghuhai. Kai Yongchang was closer to Yongchang when he took pictures for Jay, but Zoeh Wahhai contributed a lot to the film.

Jackie Chan realized that he was busy.

Before his death, Sue Venkai had a very good relationship.

Dr. Yang Shouzing appeared to grieve So Vasai.

Su Wenshi's daughter Su Songuu (from right to right), young suo zhong (from left to right) and their family's submission.

Initially, the Tang district director thanked Sonu Vano for his encouragement and support.

Li K-shing, Li Seiju, Li Zaseen and his son sent flowers to cards.

Fang Zhenggy was a lamentation.

■ Director Chen Guo attended the Memorial Service.

■ Director Liu Xiaxing


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