Tuesday , March 28 2023

Xiaomi Launches Wireless AirDots – for name … | Reporter Cyprus


Xiaomi's first journey to the original wireless electronic industry has a name that looks like Air Ports with some variations. The company said that an event in New York would be "in front of the well-known celebrities" and its latest and promising products will be introduced.

The best time is to prepare the so-called AirDots release called Xiaomi. An Airpad's AirPods title and white charging case are just a change, but at least 30 dollars per pair, at least in China and in the market of 5.0 in the market. The latest wireless standard is lower connectivity, better synchronization and battery life enhancements.

Xiaomi provides a Touch Panel to mute AirDots with no buttons, voice control, callback calls, or double tap in the middle of the conversation. Virtual assistant is available to answer your questions, but only if the dots are paired with a Xiaomi smartphone. The map assignment is automatic as soon as you remove it from the load / unloading box through the initial matching process. At least, "7.2 mm special" magnetic koil chamber needs to be enhanced with the audio experience.

At this price, we do not know who has so far been in Europe, the company can make a lot of sales. First, AirDots replace Apple AirPods at the end of six hours, up to four hours per charge. If you hear only one, the promised battery lasts up to 5 hours. They can be recharged three times during ticket typing, which increases travel time "up to 12 hours" on the go.

Secondly, there is no voice cancellation promises, Xiaomi does not list any water certification for its first wireless headphones. Considering the application and the quality, we have to make two hands to confidently tell you. Xiaomi is known to offer good value for money, and is expected to be translated into AirDots using this Bluetooth 5.0.

Source: techfreaks.gr

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