Sunday , April 2 2023

The politics of Georgius Symphonies – Politics


Tweeter of Mayor Younis Buttaris appeared on Twitter on Twitter by George Sabanis to attend the music show for the Christmas tree in Aristotle's Square.

Opposition councilors have made a number of statements against the Georgian Samanis. But now the question is morality and pornography.

It is unfortunate that some of the little party reasons that do not have a plan to celebrate Christmas is a different description against the artist G.Chambhini who advocates the opposition councilors.

There is no question of morality and obscenity today, "Buttress said.

Sabani and "Love Me …" lit for "fire"

A song written by George Sabanis Music leaves fire in a day's meeting of the city council in Thessaloniki.

On November 29, a concert will be held at Aristotle Square, the local councilors. And opposed the selection of singers.

In particular, municipal councilors George Avrilis and Alexandros Agostos responded that choosing singers who sang the song "Love Me …" not suitable for the beauty of municipal programs.

«I live. Synchronize the song "Love Me …" in the band by synchronizing Christmas light with a band for people who value their quality. I did not want to listen to songs like Barbunakis and Pegasus. Starting in June, you begin to find bands and find someone who has introduced this song. This is the brutal rule we have committed, you did, and I was surprised, "said Mr. Arielis.

The song is not included in the interpretation of Georgian Sabbans, according to executive Mayor of Education and Sports and Alexandros Barbonas.

"The artist George Sabanis is wrong, an Olympic champion, an athlete who is an open athlete who is related to moralism, and you're referring to a song different from singer and songwriter, so what you are doing is improper," Mr Babunakis said.

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