Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Greek economy of the Commission, the European Parliament and Andrzej Geneva


Former chairman of the Helenic Statistical Service. GEORGIO.

Brassassus – Responsible. The major political groups of the European Parliament and European Commission and European Council have fully supported András Garjyou, former president of the Greek Statistical Office. In the discussion held in Strasbourg about the freedom of statistical services, especially the independence of the elite and Mr. GEORGIA, the Employement and Social Affairs Commissioner M. On the reliability and accuracy of statistics when Tyson was once again chairman of European Jarjiyahu.

Mrs. Tyson reminded him of the recent developments in Greece that their concerns are publicly in Greek, as the European Commission still has not been closed court cases or judgments. He pointed out that the European Commission has actively supported Georgia. He recalled the support offered by the Greek Statistics Commission. He said the changes in Greek law have come. Mrs. Tisen said.

Apart from some exceptions to the MEPs and Greeks, Chaudhaw and two members of the Golden Dawn members spoke about the crimes he made with "exploited" stats in a plan to find Greece. EPP, Socialists, Liberals and Greens all supported Georgiou. The new democratic leader, Kertosos George, referred to an unusual scientist as "a victim of judicial torture", who became Elistost's chief, after Greece entered into a system. Kirkus, who was a breakthrough with the river, insisted that the Greek government could be able to protect Georgia, and that an official would also send a message that his work was not working properly.

P. Juliety, a member of the Socialist group, has been told by Italian diplomat P. Guevara, "We are concerned about the neutral and biased consequences of any statistics when respecting the Greek legal system."

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