Saturday , June 10 2023

The brother and brother of the Russian "seized the leper" killed them


Family tragedy, Euphrates and Russia threatened. When a brother and a brother are involved in a sexual relationship, they kill a man!
Olag Kiriunov certainly did not expect this when he welcomed his brother Eugene to his home. The couple and the brothers ate and drank and then ate. They were late, and they invited him to be at home.
The 65-year-old brother was brought to a guest room and the 54-year-old had to sleep.

A few hours after he heard the sound from his brother's room, he woke up. At the same time, he realized that Olga, 44, had never been on his bed and had entered ears in his ears.

And he went into his brother's room, and was put to rest with the woman to his wife. He immediately went out, waved his head and bullets with his pistol, got it from the bed and dared to give up!

After a double murder, a 54-year-old man committed suicide in the police. And told them exactly what had happened to killing his brother and his wife.

The police immediately returned home. But both of them have already died. Attempted to arrest the culprit accused of being a double murderer. Investigative officers demanded two months of imprisonment.

But his work became a "hero" in social media.

"You're a real man," "You're the real man," "this man's life," some are saying, "You have made a brother and I will be myself", "you will go to jail, but you did it right," " Annotations were just the same!

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