Wednesday , March 22 2023

Stomach Solos is dead


Editor-in-Chief of Political Editor since 1977, Director of Kathimerini daily from 1996 to 2002, two years before the publication consultant,

He died when he was 81 years old Stemouse Solos The former director of the newspaper,every day".

Stomos Soloz was born in 1937. He studied Political Science at University of Panathiyam. In his journalism in 1955 he was 18 years old, and he worked in journalism with a 60 years journalism in journalism. Political writer, editor-in-chief since 1981, the director of the paper from 1996 to 2002, publishes a consultant and colonialist two years earlier.

The only stoppage for this long journey to Kati Maryini, who had long been a partner, was the seven years of intellectual compromise of journalism during the period of Jaintia from 1986 to 19888. Then, G. The director of the "Eveng" newspaper took over the acquisition of Kathmuteni. The newspaper's response to the publisher's involvement in the political column of the newspaper was due to differences. Kocotas bought him.

At first municipal radio station was the founder of Athens 9,84. In 1977 he took over the responsibility of the political program of the ATTT program, the first program titled "The Last Week". During his career he wrote several magazines and newspapers (Eliphettopia, Epiciere, E, Neptamopokhi). He twice worked as chairman of the SECA's Disciplinary Board and worked as a journalist with hundreds of visits and connections in foreign countries abroad. The title "I Do not Write" is the title of his unique book, in which he presents some of his journalism.

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