Sunday , April 2 2023

Nomads: Vassilopoulos and Charistea – who accused him of protecting his friends [βίντεο]


Just before the Christian movement, Christopher Vissello stood against the municipality of Corsar.

Actor acted in the council of the group. Because he is the leader of the charismatic leadership. Cristos Vasiloos accused the police of guessing of speculation.

"While we are big teams based on our mathematics, the game passes on an individual level – he showed a municipality yesterday when he gave votes from one vote to the judges – that is not for him, he should not be a leader. Manifestation and contribution to the team ", Christos Vassilopoulos said: "When you say that whole group "I do not vote for anyone because it forgets and forgets me"… You are near Athena and Dmitri. You did not vote for Demarara and you voted for me. I do not think I'm a weak boy when I get into a decision.

"Do you change your position? From where do you come from? I'm not here, everyone's thinking …" Dimitra Alexandaki said.

"You can ask your classmates anybody does not like the truth, no one says it, there's only one who's talking, it seems like this, if I want to leave today, I will go with dignity" Dadrata Alexandriki sprinkled his spoon, and the actor supported: "Are you afraid of this?"

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