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International Conference on Crisis and Safety Management "Athens 2018" Greece


On March 13, 14, 2018, the "International Crisis and Tensions Management of the International Conference of Athens 2018", "Effective crisis management: risk risk".

This conference was organized by Henknik National Geographic Union. At the Ecocon school area, under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and the Environment. The conference was inaugurated by National Defense Minister Panos Kamenos.

General Staff Chief General Staff Chief General Lieutenant General Alfibetes Stepheni welcomes Vice Admiral Nicholoszos Sonis and Chief of Staff Christus Cristódoullo, General Staff Chief of St Helena Republic. His activities of the diplomatic representatives of foreign countries and senior military and defense officials, international organizations, representatives of the Institute, the academic members of the society, peatusthapanannalute executives, who retired from the Armed Force of the Executive, in particular, the armed hosts of Security corpora eksikyuttivukalute pratinidhikaluteya Panketuttatan of representatives.

The sectarian sections of the conference are as follows:

– Challenges from migration, terrorism and hybrid threats: the role played by Greece.

Power and Energy Security in the Mediterranean Region: Why Does It Promote Europe?

Getting ready, you're ready to fail. The role of timely preparing for crisis management.

– Leadership, information, and media: critical factors in handling effective crisis.

– Inter-cooperation between the international organizations requires: The essential prerequisite for effective crisis management.

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