Sunday , April 2 2023

In the interim, the priest abandoned the funeral


When the mouth was opened, the relatives of the elderly survivors at the time of the successor, the priest who kept their secret left to the left … had a service elsewhere.

What happened to the incident A local municipality in Magnesia was held a few days ago. "I will go out because I'm performing the service in the graveyard," said the priest who worked in this temple to help a few months prisoners.

According to the Tahrero, the funeral ceremonies have been completed Holy temple. Relatives, relatives and residents are preparing to follow the dead in their last residence.

The priest, however, suddenly declared it a hindrance and was told that he would go to Kaukos cemetery directly. Tomorrow for burial.

Finally, those who decided to hold a funeral were representatives of the Chair Office in the absence of a natural priest. The body's relatives did not respond because they wanted to do this procedure smoothly.

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