Friday , September 30 2022

How did the Grace of cattle made by the intervention in sex change?


Gate Grammy gave the first interview after performing the Rereading Surgery in the Elionarise Study. The C-model model that participated in the "next top model", but was not recognized for legal issues with the male identity, she talked about a very difficult intervention. Surgery She understood what actually happened to her? How was it decided to correct her sex? What were the first thoughts when waking up from the surgery? What was the attitude of her family for years?

"I'm fine, I can not tell you that 100% can be recovered, that is, I have two pencils, but I'm fine, I have been stepping on my feet to walk normally, I have removed gauzes, I am enjoying the tubes and I am working again. But I resume.

Recovery is a painful pain and a multiple-month procedure. The rehabilitation center is about six months old. Not that you can not walk or work, beware, and avoid some activities.

The night before the surgery was uncomfortable. There is no doubt in my 15. Until I finish high school, I do not know if a person can become involved in this process and can regenerate sex. I did not know what a transposition was. As soon as I learned it was my only solution, my only hope was, "says Kate Guamas, sex reconstruction surgery

He spoke in a show about his personality Parents, when they saw strange behavior from a young age, were dull first, initially adversely to know what their child should go, but later it changed.

"When my body pierced with estrogen injections and they saw me drowning in the vomit, they were pretty bad, but they did not think what they would say, but I told them I was not doing it because I was hurt."

"It is an illusion, after the first surgery, no feelings, thoughts, situations maneaharamakkunnatin first. If you like, you vampire on the first day due to a drug. I was awake and I threw her on the bed, I remember only from my parents, I languorously said to me, 'I have to go to fully complete S I have in my hands, I went directly to the operating regions of the pack, and I finally said, I cried. I was sleeping on the sleep to sleep. I nunayanayirunnu Yes, but I can not say that I am in the phase "A perfect! This is a painful step because I want to. The pain is not that you are right. I had a continuous bleeding. I raised the fever thrice. "

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