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Handlooms: Greek tourism remembers Ikeras flight!


"Travel agents are huge bookmakers in Greece – but there is a threat to the fall", He says Financial newspaper Hands Blate He publishes extensive reports about his progress Greek tourismIt says "After tourism seasons in the past season, major tourist companies have started flying clubs, hotels and airplanes, which now appear to have a high risk.".

"In the summer of 2018, German travel agencies celebrate, Greece has been very seriously recovered." Greece was formed in the second summer after Spain"All men said a few days ago Willie Verhufon Hands on the blot.

However, it is "High speed" as Greek hero Ikarus downfall ends soonIt was foolish, and was very close to the sun. Nowadays, the growth of an old tourism industry is consistently seen as anchor in the ancient pilot.

Neighbors are recovering

"This is the beginning of the summer season for next summer," says Philippe Weiser of the Data Evaluation Institute. True Trend.

In addition, searches in internet and travel agencies in Greece decreased by 15 percent compared to last year. "

The absence of tourist arrivals in September, The overall increase in the year has been reduced from 25 percent to 20 percent. even though That's not surprising. The European Union has benefited from political conflicts in neighboring countries of the Mediterranean Union. However, the judgments that are not so dangerous in the eyes of German travelers.

Terrorist attacks Egypt, Is on Tunisia And then Turkey In recent years tourists have been attracting huge tourists to Greece. But now the situation in these countries seems to be unhappy.

Regarding investments made by the German tourism industry in Greece, the reporters say: "Last year, only 651 hotels (BC alters) offered 731 accommodation. Verheugen Bought it Crete Third Resort Kos deposits in two manufacturers of the company Hotel Design.

At the same time competitors FTI Increase the number of flights to Greece in the coming season. In April, seven German airports will be issued to the corporation. Kefalonia added a new goal to the program.

This applies DER Touristik. However, Greek tour operators say that huge investment will be successful. "

According to the report, from the islands Santorini h Micacnas They exceed their limit Tourism industry Greece is investing on its side To lesser known locations, Etc. Carpathra. "It is doubtful whether this will be enough for high tourism performance. Greens also have a chance to copy the New Year's Era for copying Spain's mistakes. Alterners list The country is 2.5% more expensive and 1.5% more than other locations".

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