Friday , March 24 2023

Further expansion and drug expenditure indicate Sirius's findings


In the case of Pharmaceutical Firm 2006-2009, the Case Probe ordered to be given to the Syrian House of Health Examination Board.

Particularly, the overwhelming majority of the government's approaches to the financial health and scholars of the healthcare system reach 85 billion euros, and the economic burden of controlling cash and medicine in the country, 23 billion euros for medicine.

He asks the health minister to investigate the reasons for sentencing judicial authorities to prosecution and prosecution authorities.

Check the high order of antivirus vaccines and the reasons why they are not used. In the European countries, investigate whether or not the drug is the highest official in the ministry of medicine, the only "key" to open "drug prices". The newly commissioned Commission in 2010 was not particularly active. In 2014, regulation of pharmaceutical costs was imposed.

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