Tuesday , January 31 2023

Excursion: Chipros-Ireminos moves into church-state partition


Prime Minister Alex Ciprez and Archbishop Ireminos jointly discussed the matter with the earthquake.

Alexis Cypse's unusual conference will be held at Maximos Mansion along with Arch Bishop on Monday at 6 pm. The survey says that the discussions between the two countries are still high.

The stay with the Synodal chiefs will give a letter to the Church's position on this subject in Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The signed agreement is an independent process of constitutional review.

According to the information, it will happen A contract that defines its assets and wages.

This indicates the agreement The next 10,000 priests will not be superiors, But they will pay for the church.

It will be set up A separate company to manage church assetsAccording to the first information, the state will be a shareholder.

Special groups of experts from both the congregations have been working in complete secret within the past two months. On the basis of this agreement, both countries will "succeed", they are the most authentic source of iefimerida.gr.

Modification and neutrality

In addition to the Church-State Agreement, the Constitution will be reviewed and the Article 3 will also commence on the State-State Relationship.

The Church of Greece finds it as a basis for discussion to review the Constitution German model of religious German design. Speaking at the first day of the three-day conference of the Archbishop Ireniomos Pierce Entre presents the Emperor.

In his statements, Erinhianos was primarily a "photographer" on the basis of the contract made with the Prime Minister and implemented a separate civil rights law for the priests.

The church is open to dialogue. Iromose said. «Everyone in the house is with everyoneWell done and work together. The state and church are not opponents, we must learn to cooperate, "he said.

Discussion in the constitutional revision, especially the third article on the Church,It's an opportunity to look at things from scratch and change some ideas. We have very much intensity, the government, the slap".

«We are "religious neutral" He said That's it "I do not know what the prime minister is, he will tell us." "We're used here, in Greece, is a rough idea of ​​what has not happened"He said in another statement.

Nevertheless, Irenoros and the Greek Church favor German design. «The neutral is the German state. I want to live in Germany and be religiously neutral. A religious neutral state, working together, helps the church completely"Archbishop said.

What is the government's proposal for reform?

The Government's proposal to review Article 3 "The time has come for it to be clearly represented in the Constitution The religious neutrality of the Greek State, this means control and method. This is an important step towards the modernization and liberalization of our Constitution".

Maximum announcement of quad quality

The Archbishop of Athens and Greece will meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Maxisimos said that the 1800 conference would be held at Maximos Mansion.

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